Jedidiah Gallery


b. 1986, HK.

Jedidiah Gallery/Design Store at King of Prussia Mall

Jedidiah Gallery/Design Store at King of Prussia Mall

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Jedidiah Gallery is a unique, progressive, and innovative art gallery, featuring wide range of artists’ artworks from both national and international art scene. Artworks in Jedidiah Gallery, not only vary from traditional oil painting to installation art, but also range from authentic ceramics to modern handmade crafts. All members in Jedidiah Gallery come from artists’ background so that we work closely with many other talented artists and offer different and distinctive views in art. Jedidiah Gallery carries the notion of blending traditional art gallery and a modern design store to blur the boundaries between the general public and the perception of typical aloof art galleries. Jedidiah Gallery welcomes people of all ages and backgrounds and helps them to enhance their physical and mental surroundings.